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R.S: Zitrodis, S.L.
Telephone: +34 949 275 381
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Client profile:

Zitrodís Agua, we are distributors of water dispensers of the prestigious Italian brand Blupura, recognized worldwide for its unquestionable quality, design and respect for the environment as it uses a natural gas for cooling with zero environmental impact.
Our dispensers are made of high quality stainless steel, using state-of-the-art technology and have a careful design that makes them ideal for any work or home environment.
A water dispenser is the essential complement in today's kitchens because it offers purified water at any time and follows the trend of respect for the environment, avoiding plastic bottles.
The BluSoda model can be embedded in the kitchen furniture to have a tap, along with that of running water, that supplies purified water at all times. That is why it must be taken into account when designing the kitchen. The installation is very simple, we advise you and provide you with all the necessary elements.
It is present in most European kitchens because it eliminates germs, lime and impurities from water and does not provide extra flavors when cooking, but enhances the natural flavor of the ingredients.
Users are no longer satisfied that their kitchens are only beautiful, they want them to be functional and with environmentally friendly materials and appliances; Zitrodis Agua water dispensers use totally natural refrigerants (HC) that do not contribute to global warming and their equipment consumes 15% less than average, they are healthy, practical and 100% ecological. Find out about all the advantages and be the first to recommend them.

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Address: Travesía de la Barca, nave A-8
Zip: 19208
Town: Alovera
State: Guadalajara
Country: Spain
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