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Terms and Conditions

There are 4 types of customers ( Prestige , Full , Standard and Basic ) , as detailed in the section on products and services, each type differs in the models and quantity of services purchased, customers are different types within Infurma ( position, Infurma products , etc ...), but all types of customers can access the embodiment or updating their web pages under a particularly low prices more than usual.


Expenses incurred by bank returns will be 5 euros.

This contract is a renewable monthly or yearly commitment automatically.

If you wish to terminate this contract must be in writing and two months in advance.

The customer can upgrade their workforce during the same year the time it deems appropriate.

The web pages made with the Wordpress platform need periodic updates with an approximate price of 100 Euros.

In case you want to hire updating the page by applying new technologies for design, this is done under budget always with discounts and reduced prices for customers being Infurma.

Because the costs of designing and customizing your template plus technical and promotional efforts, this contract represents the minimum maintenance for a year.

The installation purchase and maintenance of the SSL Security Certificate has a minimum cost of 20/25 euros per year.

All images and logos are given by the company concerned under their authorization and Central Marketing Valencia, SL is not responsible for any misuse or tampering by third parties might occur.

For the realization of the web page, the customer has fifteen working days for delivery of relevant information, past the deadline will begin to happen domiciled charges.

To avoid any confusion , the changes must be communicated through fax or via E -Mail.



If any customer is entered on a list of spam and have blocked the email, support and the necessary steps to solve the problem except all those who have to perform on your computer as it can be to remove any type of virus, will have a cost of 20 Euros + VAT.



For technical and safety reasons for not renewing domains "" it must be notified in writing via e- mail contact 30 days before.

To change domain or modifications both expenditure incurred before the change as discharge from the domain, with a cost of 77 Euros + VAT will be charged.

For the company to maintain the business relationship will not have any expenses, shall undertake to belong to Infurma the minimum period of one year.

The service rescue backup is 7 days and will cost 50 - 100 Euros + VAT.



In Infurma we offer a comprehensive solution to your needs for Internet presence, through a range of hosting plans in Infurma ( website hosting) , with the more advanced features:

  • Servers with Linux and Windows Server Systems.
  • Maximum number of subdomains: 5 (Basic ), 10 (PRO )
  • Disk space: 512 MB ( free ) , 1G (PRO )
  • Maximum amount of traffic : Unlimited
  • Possibility of creating BD ( Database) : ( Postgres , MySQL, SQLServer) (PRO )
  • Maximum number of mailboxes : 10 Free
  • Maximum number of mail groups : 5
  • Maximum number of autoresponders : 5 (Basic ), 10 (PRO )
  • Number mailing lists : 1
  • Web statistics WebAlizer
  • FTP access to the updated page
  • E- type pop3 / imap
  • PHP Support (PRO )
  • ASP Support (PRO )
  • Antispam system "Spamassassin"
  • System Backups (* Optional)
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